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What I'm Doing Now


  • In between Jobs at the moment, if you are looking for a software engineer that leans a bit more towards the front-end, look no further, here is my resume
  • Working on this blog of mine
  • Want to get more into Game Development with Javascript or Python. I got ideas I want to make!
  • Currently looking for remote part-time contracts to supplement income, if you need any Front-end JS/TS work, I am your person!


Listening to

  • any Lofi Hip Hop Channel on YouTube
  • Trap/Phonk/Vaporwave live channels on Youtube
  • JPEGMafia & Danny Brown - Scaring the Hoes Vol.1
  • Across the Spiderverse soundtrack


In the midst of my sudden career change, I (on a whim) bought and beat Diablo 4 in 4 days with my wife. Current class is twisted blades rouge and will try and run a druid for S1.


Bro’s hulu account got deactivated so no more Bob’s Burgers or The Great North (i miss them) but did binge a bunch of anime before the activation. Currently waiting for JJK S2 to finish so I can binge it. Also heard good things about Zom 100 so may take a look into that as well. Once I have the urge I was also be finishing up the Witcher S3 on Netflix.

Looking Forward To

  • Japan/Korea in Q4
  • getting a new J-O-B, the hunt is a grind
  • S1 of Diablo 4
  • Cooler weather. Summers in Florida hurt

Not Looking Forward To

  • Summer rains, they are already here
  • Inevitable tech interviews and whiteboarding. I mucho hate these!

Last Updated : July 11, 2023

Written by Viet Nguyen. Senior Software Engineer residing in Orlando, FL.What I'm Doing Now