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What I'm Doing Now


  • Working at Red Ventures (Wordpress, VueJs, GoLang)
  • Crossed the half year point with RV and gotten deep into Wordpress while only scratching the surface of both VueJS and GoLang. Might pick up AWS/Devops/Terraform within the coming months, we will see.
  • Working on this blog of mine
  • Want to get more into Game Development with Javascript or Python. I got ideas I want to make!
  • Currently looking for remote part-time contracts to supplement income, if you got any Front end work, I am your person!


Listening to

  • any Lofi Hip Hop Channel on YouTube
  • Deante’ Hitchcock - BETTER
  • Joji - Nectar
  • Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon III
  • TENET soundtrack (great ambient noise, I am the protagonist)

Fantasy Sports

Did not make the playoffs for NFL fantasy, that was a bummer. Current in a few NBA fantasy leagues but its hard to keep up in dealing with all the PPD games and COVID affecting whole swaths of players. Maybe another check in before the fantasy season is over to see if my waning interest is renewed.


In the midst of playing Hell Mode in Hades, my favorite time waster game at the moment. Also getting fit with Ring Fit. Waiting to pick up Persona 5 Strikers and sinking oodles of time in there. Not much else except maybe the new expansion DLC for Binding of Isaac coming out in a few weeks.


Finished a bunch of shows in the most boring parts of this supposed lockdown. Atlanta was amazing, Altered Carbon S1 was good, S2 was not, Jujutsu Kaisen Part 1 was amazing, Space Dandy was surprisingly good, God of High School was good eye candy, Mandolorian was enjoyable. Currently watching WandaVision, Spider Isekai anime, waiting for Attack on Titan S4 and Jujutsu Kaisen Part 2 to finish so can binge it all in one go.

Looking Forward To

  • the end of lockdown/quarantine whenever that may be and traveling to Japan again
  • first snowfall where I live in Charlotte

Not Looking Forward To

  • not seeing the end of this lockdown/quarantine (I do not have high hopes things will be fixed this year)
  • work, I need a good vacation soon

Last Updated : February 21, 2021

Written by Viet Nguyen. Full Stack Web Developer residing in Charlotte, NC.What I'm Doing Now