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What I'm Doing Now


  • Working at Fortress Information Security using React, NodeJS, PostgresQL and AWS
  • Working on this blog of mine (not sure what to write about next)
  • Working on learning React Native to make a Japan aggregation app of all the spots I visited for future visits
  • Bought a AWS course on Udemy and need to schedule a certification exam for it (and actually use the course)
  • Want to get more into Game Development with Javascript or Python. I got ideas I want to make!
  • Currently looking for part-time contracts to supplement income, if you got any Front end work, I am your person!


Listening to

  • Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats - Unlocked
  • Tricot
  • Boldy James & Alchemist - The Price of Tea In China
  • Lo-Fi Hip Hop Youtube Channel

Fantasy Sports

Currently in 3 money leagues in Yahoo Fantasy Bball. All projected to make the fantasy playoffs and all projected to greatly disappoint me in the playoffs.


Currently playing Slay the Spire, a difficult deck-building roguelite game, and BioShock Infinite, a single player FPS adventure. Having a blast with both. Contemplating on trying XCOM 2 (got through PS+ membership), Sims 4 (also through PS+ membership). Never tried either franchise before but its free so…


Currently watching reruns of Bob’s Burgers, Community and Brooklyn 99. Occasionally will tune into random anime (No Game No Life on Netflix, Vinland Saga on Amazon Prime)

Looking Forward To

  • hanging out with my cat and my wife on quiet nights and weekends
  • some calm mindset and time so that I can get through the catalog of books I got saved on my Kindle
  • the next cold front (hoping for some more sweater weather)

Not Looking Forward To

  • tax season -_-
  • pollen season (somehow started early here in Florida)
  • after winter Florida heatwave

Last Updated : February 11, 2020

Viet Nguyen

Written by Viet Nguyen. Full Stack Web Developer residing in Orlando, Florida.What I'm Doing Now